Crack Gauge

Low Resistance Insulated Gauges to Sense Crack Length

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Test   The photo at the left shows a crack gauge bonded to a notched specimen in a tensile fatigue test machine. The two connections on the left provide input sense current while the other two connections on the right pick up the foil path voltage which is proportional to the crack length.

The crack gauge consists of a layer of constantan foil 0.0002 inches (0.005 mm) thick, bonded to a 0.002 inch (0.051 mm) thick substrate of epoxy pre-impregnated glass mat. The substrate provides both electrical insulation of the gauge from the specimen and a bonding surface for the gauge to the specimen.

Gauge Ordering Information

Total length
Total width
Gauge senses GaugeID
Part Number
Price Each ($ US)
7.62 mm
6.69 mm
5 mm crack
Crack Gauge, 5 mm
$ 5.00
15.24 mm 13.39 mm 10 mm crack
Crack Gauge, 10 mm
CGPP-10 $ 10.00
30.48 mm
26.77 mm
20 mm crack Crack Gauge, 20 mm CGPP-20 $ 20.00
38.10 mm
33.50 mm
25 mm crack Crack Gauge, 25 mm CGPP-25 $ 30.00
53.34 mm
45.72 mm
30 mm crack Crack Gauge, 30 mm CGPP-30 $ 32.00
60.96 mm
43.99 mm
40 mm crack Crack Gauge, 40 mm CGPP-40 $ 43.00
80.00 mm
55.88 mm
50 mm crack Crack Gauge, 50 mm CGPP-50 $ 52.00
152.4 mm
91.44 mm
100 mm crack Crack Gauge, 100 mm CGPP-100 $ 105.00
80.03 mm
23.07 mm
50 mm crack * Crack Gauge, DCB 50 mm CGPP-50DCB $ 40.00
120.01 mm
4.00 mm
100 mm crack * Crack Gauge, DCB 100 mm CGPP-100DCB $ 63.00
210.50 mm
26.79 mm
200 mm crack * Crack Gauge, DCB 200 mm CGPP-200DCB $ 90.00
           * Especially suited to Double Cantilever Beam Composite Testing:  see "DCB Test for the Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Composites,"   ASTM D5528-01

Suitable Instrumentation for all gauges:
           A. Fractomat produced by Hartrun. (The above gagues were previously made by Teksym and sold through Hartrun from 2010-2014.)
           B. Gaguelink produced by Teksym.

How to Order:     All orders must be prepaid before shipment.
                        To place an order: 

                              Identify:   1. Each Gauge ID,        2. Part number,       3. Quantity,       4. Unit price,       5. Total Price of each Gauge size

                                              6. Total Price of all gauges ordered

                                  7. Shipping and handling charges:   USA $0.00
                                                                                               Outside USA (where available) : Add $50.00 per order

                                              8. Tax:     State of Minnesota X.X% of guage price. Tax is not charged if used for resale,
                                                                                                              in which case include Employer ID Number.
                                                             All others: No tax.

                                                             Outside USA: Import taxes paid by buyers as required by country of entrance.

                                             Name:                               (required)
                                             Organization;                    (required)
                                             Address                            (required)
                                             Zip Code:                         (required)
                                             e mail address:                  (for order confirmation only. will never be used for junk mailings,
                                                                                                                    sold or given to any other person or organization.)
                                             Country of origin:              (required)
                                             Phone Number:                 (required)
                                             Purchase Order Number   (for customer covenience only. not required)
                                             Method of payment           (required)
                                             Payment                            (required)
                               Acceptable payment methods:
                                                                                   Credit card
                                                                                   Check - payable in US funds to a Wells Fargo Bank
                                                                                   Cash,  US$
                                                                                   USPS Money Order
                                                                                   Western Union Money Order - write, call or email for instructions


Contact Us:
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